May 30 – The Church’s Greatest Need

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The Church’s Greatest Need

“But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine.” –Titus 2:1

What is the greatest need of the church in this present hour?  I realize such a question potentially sparks much debate.  And to reduce the quandaries of the church to just one dominant issue is somewhat naïve, seeing that we are troubled about on every hand. But allow me to submit this one observation: Unless our doctrine be pure and right and emphatic nothing else really matters.

Some may contend that the church needs more evangelism. I, for one, could not agree more.  However, what good would it do to reach the entire world with erroneous doctrine? Some may say that the church needs more fellowship and community. Once again, I believe we should, as the apostles, break bread with one another. However, we must recall that the early church “continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship” (Acts 2:42).

When doctrine is diminished or altogether missing, there is no basis for our programs, functions, presentations, or efforts. It doesn’t take much investigation these days to conclude that doctrine has fallen on hard times.  We are in those last days, as prophesied by Paul, where men no longer endure sound doctrine. But the disdain for doctrine, in no way, alleviates the church from its responsibility to proclaim it.  May the doctrine of Christ guide us in all we do.

Daily Reading: Esther 1-4

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