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February 28, 2017 February 28 – Doing the “Scales” with God During the first half of the twentieth century, Poland hired the famed pianist Ignace Jan Paderewski as part of their war effort.  They wanted him to play concerts on behalf of the government to raise financial support for their military 0
February 27, 2017 February 27 – Delivered from the Well In April 2014, Roger Howard of Newnan, Georgia was working on a porch when suddenly he plunged into an unknown well. Homeowner Brittany Bloodworth employed Howard for some minor repairs; and in the middle of conversation the repairman suddenly and 0
February 26, 2017 February 26 – Glorious Light Imagine being in a dimly-lit room while trying to get dressed for the day.  As you assemble your outfit, everything seemingly looks fine, but when you walk into the hallway, the light is more vibrant.  You notice that your jacket 1
February 25, 2017 February 25 – How to Detect Counterfeits Years ago, banks spent millions of dollars training their tellers how to detect counterfeit money.  They held seminars, classes, and various training sessions about the most inconspicuous marks and patterns of genuine bills.  From smelling the money to running their 1
February 24, 2017 February 24 – The Key to Influence During his presidency, Woodrow Wilson was approached by his housekeeper concerning the position of the secretary of labor.  She tried to convince President Wilson that her husband would be perfect for the job.  She said her husband was a man 0
February 23, 2017 February 23 – Anchors for Adversity While traveling on adverse seas it is imperative we have certain anchors.  You’ll never want to face a storm without these vital strongholds. The Anchor of God’s Providence. When you know the WHO, you don’t have to know the WHY. 0
February 22, 2017 February 22 – The Sea of Adversity The worth of any journey,” said A.W. Tozer, “can always be measured by the difficulties along the way. The more difficult the journey, the more satisfying the destination.” This sentiment rings true down in my heart. My head even nods 0
February 21, 2017 February 21 – Foot-Traffic Fall In his book, the Divine Mentor, Wayne Cordeiro tells how one of the great Sequoia trees in Yosemite Park fell to the ground.  The tree, which was close to 400 years old, stood 240 feet tall.  Growing through the various 0
February 20, 2017 February 20 – Septic Tank Sorrows Recently we had some sewage issues in our yard.  Apparently when our house was built in 2004, we did not have enough field lines going out from our tank.  Long story short: there was a strange odor permeating the neighborhood, 0
February 19, 2017 February 19 – Nailing it to the Cross In the book of Colossians, the apostle Paul made a glorious statement regarding the forgiveness of our sins. He said, “Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of 0