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December 31, 2017 December 31 – Starting Over at the End “The God I serve not only makes all things new, He makes all things better.”–Kenneth Kuykendall We typically pursue our resolutions, goals, and aspirations on the first day of the year, but suppose we had the opportunity to start at 0
December 30, 2017 December 30 – A Vanishing Act “Ironic is this death of Christ, horrific beauty shown; for when I thought to lose my life, my life became His own.” –Kenneth Kuykendall When was the last time you visited Calvary?  How long has it been since you stood 0
December 29, 2017 December 29 – A Vanishing Act “We master our minutes or we become slaves to them; we use time or it uses us.” –William Ward Submitted by Daniel Ertley When I was in college, I traveled with a quartet from my school. While traveling, we stayed 0
December 28, 2017 December 28 – The Realness of Prayer “The fewer the words, the better the prayer.”–Martin Luther Author Philip Yancey was teaching a Bible class at his home church in Chicago when a young lady raised her hand and said, “I’m not always sincere when I pray; sometimes 0
December 27, 2017 December 27 – The Highest Value “In the Bible, I learn God values us not for our strength or our brains but simply because He made us” –Corrie Ten Boom The efforts of some Christian’s lives have become a cruel taskmaster that perpetually seeks to place 0
December 26, 2017 December 26 – God is Enough “We cling to God and trust in God when all is lost, not because He is all we have but rather because He is enough.” –Kenneth Kuykendall A story is told of a Scottish preacher who tragically and suddenly lost 0
December 25, 2017 December 25 – A Name Like None Other “Let Him into the mire and muck of our world. For only if we let Him in can He pull us out”– Max Lucado The long-awaited pronouncement finally came. Messiah had come.  The promised seed of woman, the incomparable Prince 0
December 24, 2017 December 24 – A Baby Shower for a King “And when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, frankincense, and myrrh.”–Matthew 2:11 I remember being overwhelmed at the first baby shower we had for our twin boys. The church where I served as pastor generously 0
December 23, 2017 December 23 – Puzzled? “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, not of evil, to give you an expected end.”                      –Jeremiah 29:11 Submitted by Shawn McEver When you first open a puzzle box and pour 0
December 22, 2017 December 22 – Christmas Memories “The Lord’s presence among humanity affords us the opportunity to give presents one to another.”–Kenneth Kuykendall As a child I always enjoyed the excitement of Christmas Eve night.  Baking cookies, listening to festive music, and playing games were all part 0