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July 31, 2017 July 31 – Waters and Green Pastures As a Christian, we often place ourselves in lush, green fields next to a bubbling, cool creek, when we read Psalm 23:2. I hate to tear that beautiful picture up, but we must remember: this is a Jewish poem. Israel’s 0
July 30, 2017 July 30 – A Child of the King “And I who was wretched and poor now can sing, Praise God! Praise God! I’m a child of the King.” –Gloria Gaither On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed an Executive Order to change the legal status of over 0
July 29, 2017 July 29 – Safe and Secure “To think of Christ’s ransom and believe it insufficient for eternal, secured life is to have never known it at all.” –Kenneth Kuykendall Eternal life is, of all things, eternal. And to think differently of it is to view the 0
July 28, 2017 July 28 – Assuming the Wrong Role “We must not suppose that the measure of our understanding or experience is the measure of the Spirit’s working.” –John Murray The Lord has given various responsibilities to the church; but assuming the role of the Holy Spirit is not 0
July 27, 2017 July 27 – A Holy Reminder “Familiarity could explain our dull spiritual lives.”  –Unknown At a church I was once visiting, the song leader stopped everybody right before the second verse of “There is Power in the Blood” and said, “We’re going to try something different, 0
July 26, 2017 July 26 – The False Utopia “Facing our sins causes us to feel guilty. Of course, we feel guilty because we are guilty.” –Jerry Bridges The unrest, dissatisfaction, and cultural angst that plagues our society (and every society) is merely a symptom of a much deeper 0
July 25, 2017 July 25 – Heavenly Holiness “We can never separate the fact that ‘God has saved us’ from the reality that ‘God is saving us.’” –Kenneth Kuykendall Sanctification is the life-long process of becoming like Jesus.  We are instructed in Scripture, “But as he which hath 0
July 24, 2017 July 24 – Your Eternal Choice “You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.” –Unknown 4 If you do not choose Jesus Christ, however, then what you are choosing is far worse than death. You are choosing an 0
July 23, 2017 July 23 – The Door of Provision “Fear and faith oftentimes present themselves at the same door in our lives.” –Kenneth Kuykendall     Billy Graham told a true story about a pastor friend who ministered in Scotland. One of his parishioners fell on financial hard times and 0
July 22, 2017 July 22 – Reserved Seating “To go to heaven, fully to enjoy God, is infinitely better than the most pleasant accommodations here.” –Jonathon Edwards Have you ever walked into a church, an auditorium, or banquet hall, only to see a section of seating “reserved” for 0