December 28, 2014- Microscopic Vision

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eye of scientist  and microscope

“Eyes that look are common, eyes that see are rare” –J.Oswald Sanders

Having telescopic vision is only the start.  Once you see the big picture you must find ways to facilitate the vision.  It is imperative to see your goals in totality (losing weight, reading the Bible, developing relationships, etc.), but that is only the beginning.  Once you have a good idea of the vision, it is vital to start focusing in on the details.

If a telescope gives the ability to see things far off, a microscope affords the opportunity to see things up close.  Both are equally important in having and maintaining a vision.

In his book, Understanding Leadership, Tom Marshall said, “Leaders not only have a vision for the future, but they must also conceptualize their vision into goals.  Leaders must not only conceptualize their vision into goals, but they must also articulate them and communicate them to other people.”  In short, we must work from the outside in.

Through the lens of a telescope we see vision, the goal, the aspiration, the dream.  From there, we put that vision under the microscope and start focusing on how that vision can be a reality.  With these two perspectives, we keep a balanced approach to life, family, and our goals at large.  Constantin Brancusi said, “To see far is one thing; going there is another.”


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