February 07 – Use the Delete Button

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Use the delete button

“The men who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try nothing and succeed.” –Theodore Roosevelt

Most of the programs we watch in our home have been recorded by the DVR.  My children have a tendency of watching the same old shows multiple times.  Not long ago they were watching a particular scene of this fellow who accidentally fell down some stairs.  They laughed and laughed, and just kept rewinding it over and over.  Twenty minutes passed of them watching, rewinding, laughing…watching, rewinding, laughing.

I think many believers do the same thing.  We have a tendency to play over and over again in our minds certain events…especially those events of us falling.  I have gone to bed many nights trying to process the events of the day.  I wrestle with the past.  I grapple with regrets.  I entangle my thoughts with the failures of days gone by.  I constantly rewind and review those embarrassing moments of malaise.

It is then I realize that God has a “delete” button, and we should familiarize ourselves with it.  He doesn’t keep our failures archived so that we can continually be defeated.  Instead, He shows us the error of our way and gets us back on the right path.  So I will just agree with Paul, I will forget those things behind me, and press toward the mark; and from time to time I will use the delete button.


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