February 04 – Willing to Die

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Willing to Die

“The cross is not just something done by us, it is something done for us.” –Kenneth Kuykendall

A young girl was diagnosed with a rare blood condition and needed a transfusion.  The only one in her family with the same blood type was her little six-year old brother.  His mom and dad sat him down and told him his sister needed some of his blood and asked if he would be willing to give it to her.  The little boy hesitated somewhat, but after a few minutes consented to help his big sister.

They took him to the doctor the next day to get things ready for the procedure.  Just before they started drawing his blood, the little boy told his parents, “Before they kill me, tell my sister I love her.”

Mistakenly, he thought his parents asked him to lay down his life so that his sister could live.  Loving her so much, he was willing to pay the ultimate price.

You and I needed a blood transfusion. We were diagnosed with the awful disease of sin.  The only hope we had was for Christ, the Son of God to give His blood. In love and grace He laid down His life for our sins so that we could have everlasting life.  Christ was not forced or coerced into dying on the cross.  What He did for us, He did willingly.


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