February 02 – God is not Fair

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God is not Fair

“There are always uncertainties ahead, but there is always one certainty-God’s will is good.” –Vernon Paterson

In the midst of national tragedy or personal conflict, people question the love, goodness, and sovereignty of God. We have all heard people say “God’s not fair!”  And the truth is, God is not fair; and for one, I am glad!

If God was always fair I would be condemned in sin.  If God judged me solely on my righteousness I would be destined for hell.  If the Lord based my worth on my own goodness, I could never be loved by a holy God. So I praise the Lord that He is not always fair.

Instead, God is always merciful and kind.  I do not have the authority to explain every national tragedy or personal calamity.  I do know that God punishes the wicked, and, as a loving Father, He chastises His children.  I do know there is a high price to be paid for sin; but even in the midst of judgment, God always extends grace, and that certainly doesn’t seem fair.

He makes His mercy new every morning.  He extends the invitation to know Him, to come to Him, to experience Him. He stands on our behalf, He cleanses us from all unrighteousness, He bestows daily benefits, He sets His affection upon us.  So when you hear someone say “God is not fair” just tell them God is too good to always be fair.


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