February 01 – Beyond the Property Line

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Beyond the property line

“You may find hundreds of faultfinders among professed Christians; but all their criticism will not lead one soul to Christ.” –D.L. Moody

George Beverly Shea was the lead singer and composer of the Billy Graham crusades for years.  He once told a story about the wheat fields of his home town.  As a boy he could remember the time of the harvest and the crops being very large.  He said, “When the wheat gets high and the fields are ripe with the harvest, you could not even see the fences that divided the properties.  The same holds true for the spiritual harvest.  Because the field is ripe, we must put aside our petty differences that may divide us, and get to work.”

Can you see the old wheat fields of Shea’s home town?  Imagine the fading property lines as the stalk ripens.  The crop doesn’t know the boundaries; it just waits to be harvested.  The same holds true with the lost and dying world.  They do not know our various standards, convictions, and preferences.  How can we expect them to know the diverse doctrines of denominations?  They are just waiting for someone to tell them of Jesus.

No wonder the Lord said, “Lift up your eyes, and look upon the fields; for they are white already for harvest.”  As the old-timers used to say, “Let’s keep the main thing, the main thing!”  The harvest is waiting.

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