January 30 – Don’t Let the Devil Stop You

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Don’t Let the devil stop you

“God wants us to worship Him; He doesn’t need us to, He just wants us to.” –A.W. Tozer

After the Lord raised her brother from the dead, Mary made her way once again to the feet of Jesus.  Three times in Scripture Mary was found at His feet.  The first two times she wanted to get something from the Lord, this time she wanted to give something to the Lord –herself.

She broke open her alabaster box, and poured out the costly spikenard upon the Lord.  Taking her hair, she wiped His feet as a memorial for His death.  She exchanged her glory (which was her hair), for the glory of Christ.  For many days after, she would be able to smell the fragrance of worship upon her life.

In the midst of her adulation, Judas criticized her efforts.  He condemned her for spending her fortune on Christ, and suggested she should have given it to the poor.  Judas, the consummate critic, cared not for the poor, but was a thief, and wanted the money for himself.

Whenever you worship the Lord, there will always be a thief somewhere around who tries to take away your investment of worship.  They will criticize, evaluate, and question your motives.  Give no thought to their evaluation.  Break open your box and glorify your God.  Don’t let the devil stop you.


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