January 25 – Seasoned with Grace

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Seasoned with Grace

“People are more apt to hear what we have to say if what we say is seasoned with grace.” –Kenneth Kuykendall

The apostle Paul was a brilliant theologian.  He was the recipient of divine revelation.  His mind, his pen, and his life oozed doctrine. He was also a mighty preacher.  Everywhere he went people were mesmerized by his authoritative and captivating style.  He preached in the “power and demonstration” of the Holy Ghost.  Furthermore, Paul was a missionary.  His adventurous and courageous spirit, combined with his heavenly calling, led him from lowly prisons to lofty palaces.  His heart was the heart of a man on a mission.  He loved the local church and spent most of his life building and encouraging it.

The list could go on and on.  Paul literally was all things to all men.  But one of the things we often overlook about Paul was that he was a gracious man.  If you study the salutations and benedictions of his epistles, you will not find the greetings of a cold, rigid theologian; neither will you find an over-the-top rhetoric approach from a flashy evangelist.  Instead you find his speech to be courteous, thoughtful, and kind.

People were drawn to Paul’s message, but they also connected with his manners.  We should take note of his pleasant etiquette.  People are more apt to hear what we have to say if what we say is seasoned with grace.


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