February 15 – The Holy Spirit tinkers

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The Holy Spirit tinkers

“God is the only one who can separate the true from the false, the only one who can purify the motives of the heart.” –Richard Foster

When it comes to mechanical knowledge of vehicles, I have very little.  I understand the basic concept of filling up the gas tank; and if need be, I could perhaps change the oil, as long as I have the owner’s manual nearby.  I should have more understanding than what I do seeing that my dad is a “shade-tree mechanic.”  The term “shade-tree mechanic” simply means what it sounds like –parking a car under a tree, and working on it.  Before the computerization of vehicles, people used to actually work on their own cars and trucks more often than they do now.

There have been many times something would go wrong in my vehicle and dad would come over and start looking things over.  He would lift up the hood, jiggle some wires or belts, fiddle around, and within a few minutes have the problem figured out.  He knew where and how to tinker.

The Holy Spirit works the same way.  When we are having trouble getting our engine started, when we fail to move forward, He begins tinkering under our hood.  He knows what parts are stalled-out or broken.   Within moments He has pin-pointed the problem and starts working to get the issue resolved.  He alone can reveal the “mechanical glitches” of our spirituality.  Allow Him to tinker, so you can get back on the road.


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