January 24 – Influence Your World

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Influence Your World

“The only inheritance that a man will leave that has eternal value is his influence.” –Larry Dobbs

Whether you realize it or not-you have it.  It may not be with a large circle of people or on a decorated platform, but it is there.  It may not be evident among the masses or recognizable among the elite but it looms in the shadows of your day to day activities.  It is called influence, and you have more of it than you think.

In his book Spiritual Influence, Mel Lawrenz incisively states, “God uses millions of no-name influencers every day in the simplest selfless acts of service.  They are the teachers whose names will never be in the newspaper, pastors who will never author a book, managers who will never be profiled in a magazine, artists whose work is buried in layers of collaboration, writers whose sphere of influence is a few dozen people who read their blogs.  But they are the army that makes things happen.  To them devotion is its own reward.  For them influence is a continual act of giving, nothing more complicated than that.”

Lawrenz hits the nail on the head.  You don’t have to become a house-hold name to change the house.  You don’t have to have your name out on the marquee to change the marquee.  Small people doing small things change the world.  Recognize your sphere of influence, regardless of its size, and do something to make a difference.


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