January 17 – Winning in transition

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Winning in transition

“To see far is one thing;  going there is another.” –Constantin Brancusi

In high school I was on the track and field team.  Each year I ran the 4 X 100 relay race.  In this particular race, four individuals on each team are required to run 100 meters each while passing the baton one to another at certain points.  These “exchange zones” are designated spots in the race and on the track where the transitions are made.

One of the fundamental components of this race is learning how to time your exchanges.  It doesn’t matter if you are the fastest kid in school; if you don’t do well in the transitions you don’t win the race.

The same holds true in life.  The success of your race is determined by how well you handle the transitions.  Let’s admit it, life is constantly moving and changing.  Kids grow up, careers get altered, the economy fluctuates, people move on, ministries get modified –sometimes it feels like we live in the “exchange zones.”

Transitions are difficult, but sometimes they are necessary.  If you are going through a life-changing transition, remember that God doesn’t change.  Anchor your hope in Him, and lean upon Him for guidance and direction.  He is cheering you on.


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