January 15 – The Home-Field Advantage

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The Home-Field Advantage

“Each day of our lives we make deposits into the memory banks of our children.” –Chuck Swindoll

Imagine just for a moment a stadium filled with thousands of cheering fans.  Can you see the banners?  Do you hear the applause and the music? Can you sense the excitement?  The place is energized with an electric charge.  Those gathered have come out to cheer on their team to victory.   Every coach wants it and every player works hard to earn it –it is called the home-field advantage.

Home-field advantage is often the determining factor in winning or losing.  The home team benefits greatly from the encouragement of the fans, the familiarity of the facility, and the psychological confidence of just being at home.  Statistics prove, regardless of the sport, that playing with the home-field advantage typically gives you a greater chance of beating your opponent.

I believe the same holds true with our children.  When we raise them in an environment that is encouraging and stable, they are more likely to get the edge in life.  They need to know their parents are cheering them on. They need a home that is safe, secure, and spiritual because their opponents are greater, stronger, and tougher than ever before.  Raise the banners, crank up the music, stand in ovation, and cheer them on to victory.  Give your children the home-field advantage!


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