January 13 – The Heavy Weight of Sin

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The Heavy Weight of Sin

“It is not thy hold on Christ that saves thee-it is Christ that saves thee.” –Charles Spurgeon

After hearing the pastor’s fiery sermon, a skeptic approached the man of God after church and said, “Pastor, you say that unsaved people carry a great weight of sin.  Well, to be honest with you, I feel absolutely nothing.  So tell me, just how heavy is my load of sin?  Ten, fifty, a hundred pounds?”

The preacher wisely replied, “Dear sir, if you laid a hundred-pound weight on a corpse, do you think he would feel it?”  The man laughed and said, “Of course not –he’s dead.”  The pastor in return said, “My point exactly.  Sinners are dead in trespasses and sin; although the load is very great, he doesn’t feel it until he is made alive in Christ.”

A dead man has no spirit, he has no life; he has no ability to feel, taste, or touch.  The same holds true with someone who is lost in sin.  He is separated from God and has no life within him.  Oh, he may exist, he may work, he may seem to function as best he can, but he is not alive.

Only through the power of the Spirit of God are we quickened.  And until that moment, we carry the great weight of sin.  No, we may not feel the weight but it is there.  Cast those heavy burdens aside; place your faith in Christ, and experience life as never before.


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