January 5 – Reality is a Rarity

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Reality is a Rarity

“The most impressive part about you is simply you being you.” –Kenneth Kuykendall

Our culture is inundated with a surplus of “reality shows.”  Whether it is catching alligators in the bayou or hanging out in a nightclub in New Jersey, these programs are suppose to document the “real life” of ordinary people.  But in reality there is nothing real about these shows at all. They are produced by directors who place people in ridiculously scripted circumstances, and basically watch them react and respond to the programmed agenda.

However, in spite of their preposterous nature, I do believe “reality shows” operate as a commentary on society, perhaps even the church.  In most of these shows you have ordinary people who are trying to become a “character” or “personality.”  They exaggerate and embellish who they are in pursuit of their fifteen-minutes of fame.  They remind us that reality is a rarity these days.

Too often we simply play the part.  We try to live up to other’s expectations in hopes of their approval.  We wear masks praying that no one will ever discover who we really are.  But I have discovered that the most effective and influential people are those who are genuine and real. The most impressive part about you is simply you being you.


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