January 4 – Satan’s desire for your home

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Satan’s desire for your home

Have you ever noticed when Satan made his first appearance in Scripture?  He came upon the scene immediately after God created and designed marriage.  The serpent didn’t seem to bother Adam until God gave him a wife.  Soon after the marriage union was established the devilish assault against the home began.  Consider what transpired once Adam and Eve were married:

  • Satan attacked and beguiled Eve during a moment when she was separated from Adam (Separation)
  • He promoted miscommunication among them and distorted what God had commanded (Miscommunication)
  • He was able to make them turn their eyes upon the natural desires of the forbidden fruit (Worldliness)
  • He destroyed their relationship with God (Disobedience)
  • He got them kicked out of their home (Loss)

His intent for your home and marriage is still the same today.  He wants to come between you and your spouse and cause division and dissension.  His ultimate goal is to destroy your home and cause you to lose all God has given your family.  Beware of his subtlety and guard your relationship against his devices.


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