January 3 – Stay On Your Own Court

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Stay On Your Own Court

“Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called.” –The Apostle Paul

On March 31, 1994 the sports world was surprised to learn that legendary basketball great Michael Jordan had reported to spring training in hopes of playing Minor-League baseball.  Jordan, having won three basketball championships, now found himself in the Double-A division of the Chicago White Sox’s minor league team the Birmingham Barons.

Although Jordan was a natural-born athlete he could not find his niche in the baseball world.  With a terrible batting average and a multitude of errors it was obvious that he was struggling in his new field.  For the first time in his professional career Jordan seemed like a fish out of water.  After one year of being in the Minor Leagues, Jordan announced he would return to basketball.  He went on to win three more championships with the Chicago Bulls, giving him a total of six titles.  Arguably, he was the greatest player in the history of the game.

Jordan’s failure as a baseball player proves one thing: we must abide in our calling.  God gives each of us talents and abilities that are to be used in certain ways at certain times.  When we try to do something we have not been created to do we will face frustration and failure.  Stay on your own court and be the champion God designed you to be.


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