December 31 – Starting Over at the End

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Starting Over at the End

“The God I serve not only makes all things new, He makes all things better.”–Kenneth Kuykendall

We typically pursue our resolutions, goals, and aspirations on the first day of the year, but suppose we had the opportunity to start at the end?  As we surmise, evaluate, and analyze all the year behind us there are bound to be some mistakes, blunders, and even sins.  Why not end in the grace of God? Why not close out the year in His will, pursuing His glory?

You see, many people believe restoration comes at the beginning of a new chapter, and indeed it can. But instead of writing a new chapter, God can change the current chapter you are in.  He can heal your disease, restore your joy, renew your passions, invigorate your goals, and strengthen your faith.

It’s not the way you started this year that counts, it’s the way you end it.  Why not pause right here, right now, and ask God to grant you the ability to close out this day, this year, in His perfect will.  In doing so, you may need to make some adjustments, repair some relationships, and even ask forgiveness, but the alternative could potentially distract you from moving forward.

Before you start a new race, a new chapter, a new year, finish the one you are already in.

Daily Reading: Revelation 19-21

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