December 21 – Tea Taste Test

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Tea Taste Test


An elderly English woman sat at the table awaiting her daily afternoon tea. The tea pot was just coming to a boil when it spouted out a great whistle alerting her that it was ready. She poured the hot tea and sat down in her favorite chair to enjoy her favorite beverage. It only took one bitter sip for her to realize that something was wrong with her tea. She examined the water she used, and it was fresh and clean as always. The tea bag was the same trusted brand she always used. She even took extra care that day to thoroughly wash her tea pot before brewing the batch.  What then was the problem with her tea? Little did she know an herbal tea bag had gotten mixed with her green tea bags to create a bitter taste she wasn’t expecting.

Just like that tea bag we may look the part when all is fine, but when the “hot waters” of life flow over us the truth within will be revealed. Do the situations of life leave you with a bitter taste? The hot waters are not to blame, for these trials and hardships will always come. What affects the bitterness or sweetness of any life situation is what comes out of us.

Daily Reading: James 1-5

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