December 18 – The Big Gift

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The Big Gift

“Anything less than Jesus is a letdown; anything more than Jesus is an impossibility.” –Kenneth Kuykendall

As a parent, I typically try to buy my children that one special gift at Christmas time.  You know, the one they have been asking for all year long.  The one you leave wrapped until the very end. It is the one gift they really, really want.  It could be a new bike, a dollhouse, an iPod, a new computer, or those really expensive shoes.  Whatever it may be, it is typically the gift they remember for years and years to come.

Did you know that God did the same thing for us? At Christmas, He gave humanity that one special gift – the unspeakable gift of Jesus Christ.  Just as you prepared that special gift for your child, God too, prepared for us the gift of Christ.  Oh sure, there were plenty of gifts prior to the coming of Christ.  God gave the law, the prophets, signs, wonders, and covenants.  But He saved the best for last.

This gift was the most precious, the most expensive of all gifts.  It was concealed and hidden, wrapped in swaddling clothes.  The world at large didn’t know where this gift was until the stone was rolled away, thus revealing the glorious package of divine resurrection.

As I watch my children open that one special gift, I can’t help but think that God, too, feels elation and joy when the world receives His Son.

Daily Reading: Hebrews 1-5
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