December 13 – Identity Fraud

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Identity Fraud

“Saving faith will always produce conformity to the image of Jesus Christ.”–R.C. Ryle

According to the Bureau of Justice, in 2010 over 8 million households in the United States had at least one family member who had their identity stolen. They also reported that nearly 64% of the population had credit card accounts that were either misused or attempted to be misused. They predict these numbers will only increase due to the increase of impersonal transactions.

Identity fraud is simply the act of stealing someone’s identity in hopes of financial gain; it is trying to be someone or something you are not.

Identify fraud is a big problem in our financial institutions; but I would venture to say it is an even bigger problem in our churches. The apostle Paul said there was coming a time when men would have a form of godliness but would deny the power thereof. In short, Paul was saying that men would be religious, but they would not be redeemed.  Our churches are full of people who try to be someone else. They sing the songs, they memorize the verses, they attend the programs, they even give their money and time; but they have never come to terms with who they really are, and Who God really is. God looks beyond the frivolous cloaks of religion and sees the true condition of the heart. People may fool the congregation, the pastor, and their own family, but God knows all and sees all.

Daily Reading: I Thessalonians 1-5

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