November 17 – Christ in You

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Christ in You the “Our work in the world is to expose the work that has been worked within us.” –Kenneth Kuykendall

In the book Prayer, Does it Make Any Difference?, the author tells the story of a friend who ministered in a violent prison in South Africa. Her effort to bring solace to the renowned facility has been applauded by many. Two documentaries have been filmed to tell the story of her notable impact in such a violent and brutal compound. When asked how she was able to make a difference she responded, “God was already present in the prison. I just had to make Him visible.”

Her statement proves two fundamental notions. One, God is everywhere present wanting to work in the lives of humanity. No matter where life takes a person and no matter how far away someone gets from God, they cannot out-run Him. How do you escape a God Who is in all places at all times?

Two, as believers we have the awesome responsibility of making Christ known. As ambassadors, we represent the Light of Glory. Our work in the world is to expose the work that has been worked within us. That may sound a little confusing initially but my point is we are to simply let others see God’s grace at work in our own lives. Therein is the essence of making Christ known: simply exposing to others what has been already been exposed to us. That method works even in the prison.

Daily Reading: Acts 11-13

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