November 12 – Watermelon Mischief

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Watermelon Mischief

“Honesty means living as though you are constantly strapped to a polygraph.”–Kenneth Kuykendall

Mark Twain told the story years ago about the importance of honesty in life.  He said, “When I was a boy, I was walking along a street and happened to spy a cart full of watermelons.  I was fond of watermelon, so I sneaked quietly on the cart and snitched one.  Then I ran into a nearby alley and sank my teeth into the melon.  No sooner had I done so, however, a strange feeling came over me.  Without a moment’s hesitation, I made my decision.   I walked back to the cart, replaced the melon, and took a ripe one.”

When we fail to live by a set standard of values, we expose ourselves to a world of pretense.  With every poor choice we make, we become more desensitized to sin. John Maxwell said, “If you cross the line with your values, whether by an inch or a mile, you are still out of bounds.”

Some people are trying to serve God while living out of bounds.  Knowing your values and living your values are two different things.  Preaching a message is different than practicing a message.  “It is always easy to do right,” said Don Meyers “when you know in advance what you stand for.” When our values are aligned with the Word of God we will find it hard to take the watermelon. Even the ripe ones.

Daily Reading: John 20-21

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