November 11 – Get it Out of the Way

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Get it Out of the Way

“How can anyone lead an organization that purposes to save the world and never lead one person to Christ.” –Bill Hull

One day in Capernaum, Christ was in the house teaching and preaching the Word of God. As the multitude gathered and pressed the home, four men came to the Lord carrying a man sick of the palsy.  These men went to great lengths to bring their sick friend to Christ, and their dedication paid off.  As they lowered the man from the roof to Redeemer, the Lord saw a few things about these faithful four:

  1. These Were Men of Compassion. They became burdened about the debilitating condition of their friend. They saw his sickness, and recognized his sinfulness. Bothered and burdened, they sacrificially got busy bringing him to the Lord.  In pity and love they bore his bed.
  2. These Were Men of Camaraderie. Perhaps the greatest miracle of the story is that four different individuals were willing to put any differences aside long enough to help another in need. They had to work and walk together in stride.
  3. These Were Men of Commitment. They didn’t allow the weight of the individual, the size of the crowd, or the tiles upon the roof to stop them. If we are ever going to bring someone to Christ, we too must remove any hindrances or barriers that may oppose us and stay committed to the cause.

Daily Reading: John 18-19

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