November 7 – The Cost of a Lively Church

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The Cost of a Lively Church

“The best church-growth method I know is experiencing the manifest power of God.” –Bill Hull

There was a disgruntled church member who complained to her friend about the expenses of her church.  She said, “They are always doing something that costs us money.”  Her friend replied, “Years ago, a child was born into our home.  He cost us money from the very beginning.  He needed food, clothing, medicine, and toys.  Then he went to school and the expenses increased.  When he entered college, his expenses were out of the roof. But in his senior year of college he died in a car accident. Since the funeral, he hasn’t cost us a dime.  Which situation do you think we prefer?”

The truth is that a church that is alive, dynamic, and on fire for God will be expensive.  It will cost the congregation time in prayer, investment in souls, sacrifices of praise, and separation from sin.  Be sure: It will cost to have a living church.  But the alternative is death.

If you are part of a lively, growing, and enthusiastic congregation, you should stop right now and thank God for its influence in your life.  I am thankful for the church of Jesus Christ and the great price He paid so that I can be a part of it.

Daily Reading: John 7-8

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