November 6 – The Cries of a Child

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The Cries of a Child

“You always have God’s undivided attention.” –Charles Stanley

I had felt tired all evening,  yet when my head hit the pillow, I was unable to find sleep. I tossed and turned until just after midnight when I finally found sleep.

I began to dream and in my dream, I heard a baby crying. The child sounded scared and kept calling for her mommy or daddy. I’m not sure how much time had passed before I realized it wasn’t a dream at all, but it was my daughter I was hearing. She had a bad dream and was afraid. She needed her parents to come and to comfort her.

As I go through life, I call upon my Heavenly Father just as my daughter called upon me. I need Him to come and to comfort. Unlike me, He doesn’t sleep. He is ever watching and always listening for the cries of His children. The good news is that He does that for each of His children. Take time today to speak with God the Father. Commune with Him, be comforted by Him, and grow in your relationship with your loving Heavenly Father.

Daily Reading: John 5-6

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