November 4 – The Biggest Lie Ever Told

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The Biggest Lie Ever Told

“One of the realities of life is that if you cannot trust a person at all points, you cannot trust him at any point.” –Cheryl Biehl

The slithery serpent plotted his path in Eve’s direction.  His intent was destruction; his words were deceptive. Pointing out the beauty of the fruit, he refuted the authority of God’s Word.  He marked his target and spewed out the most corrupt statement ever known to man: Thou shalt not surely die.

What a lie.  But should we expect anything more from the subtle beast? Satan is an accuser of the brethren, a tempter of mankind, a murderer from the beginning, a thief of joy, and the father of lies.

“Thou shalt not surely die” was and is the biggest lie ever told.  Though the fruit was good for food, pleasurable to the eyes, and had the potential to make one wise, Eve soon discovered there was a deadly worm under the surface.

She immediately felt the guilt and shame. In her naked state, she felt indifferent to God.  She was cursed, she was banned from the garden, she was headed for the grave. On her deathbed, she took her last breath and remembered those haunting words, “Thou shalt not surely die.”  The biggest lie ever told.

Daily Reading: John 1-2

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