October 29 – Put Away the Toys

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Put Away the Toys

“…when I became a man, I put away childish things.” –Apostle Paul

Suppose you walked into a room of adults playing with toys.  As you watch them, they are not engaging in any meaningful conversation, and they have no interest in working.  For hours they just play, laugh, and run around.  Doesn’t the very thought sound ridiculous?

It sounds ridiculous because we expect people, at certain ages, to behave in certain ways.  When a toddler draws on a wall with a crayon it is more accepted than when a teenager does it.  In every area of life, we anticipate growth and change; but for so many people they never grow up spiritually.

God not only wants us to grow, He expects us to grow.  If we fail to develop our faith we fail to embrace all that God has for our lives.  When I was a child I loved playing with toys, but playing with toys did not compare with getting my driver’s license.  I loved driving as a teenager, but driving did not compare to getting married and having a family.

We must be willing to put away the toys so that we can grow into the person God wants us to become.

Daily Reading: Luke 14-15

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