October 16 – Living in Canaan Part 2

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Living in Canaan, Part 2

“It is important to look back at our lives and realize that God’s fingerprints are all over them; and see the ways that God has rescued and redeemed us time and time again.” –Unknown

After God stopped the waters of Jordan and Israel crossed into Canaan on dry ground, the Lord commanded them to gather twelve stones. One stone for each tribe was the directive God gave them. They were to set these stones up on the bank of the river Jordan as a memorial of what God had done for them in this place.

God tells them that there will come a day when their children will ask “What mean ye by these stones?” and they will be able to share with them the provision and grace of God.

This was both a generational memorial and a general memorial. Generational in that it was to grow the faith and point to a brighter future for the children of those who were there on that day. And general in that is it was to serve as a monument for all people of all tribes and nations that they may know the one true God.

The names of the twelve men who carried these stones are not recorded, but the memorial, and more importantly the God of the memorial, is still being talked about today. It should be the goal for every Christian to live a life that will spread the news of the provision and grace of God.

Daily Reading: Matthew 24-26

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