October 13 – Throwing Self-Pity in the Sea

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Throwing Self-Pity in the Sea

“I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.” –Booker T. Washington

Over a century ago, Victor Hugo, writer of Les Miserables, was exiled on the Channel Island of Jersey near a cliff overlooking the harbor.  He was ill, persecuted, and despised by his fellow Frenchmen.  Discouraged and alone, every sunset Hugo would climb to the edge of the cliff and throw pebbles into the water below.

Some of the local children began watching Hugo and decided to ask what he was doing.  “Monsieur Hugo, why do you come here to throw these stones?” they asked.  The brilliant writer replied, “Not stones, my child, I am throwing self-pity into the sea.”

That is a good place for self-pity, in the bottom of the sea, where the rest of our sin abides. It is easy to belly-ache, moan, groan, and complain about circumstances in life whenever we get down in the dumps.  Too often we concentrate on the negativity around us and allow it to dictate our attitude and disposition.

Whenever life throws a rock at you, pick it up, throw it in the sea, and refuse to become its victim.

Daily Reading: Matthew 14-17

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