September 21 – Counting it Joy: Part 2

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Counting it Joy Part 2

“The only real misfortune comes from when we suffer without learning the lesson.” –Emmett Fox

Counting it joy.  It’s a strange notion, is it not? I will admit, it is not a natural response for most of us, yet this is our admonition according to James 1:2.

Let’s not get confused here. The believer is not required to ENJOY his trial, he is only admonished to find JOY IN his trial.  This is done, by and large, when our attitude is aligned with the proper understanding of God’s character. God is good, God is right, God is sovereign. Therefore, nothing comes into our lives that is not filtered through these realities of Who God is. Whatever God allows into our lives is His prerogative; however, the way we respond to His divine workings is our responsibility. I don’t have to enjoy cancer to find joy in the sickness.  I don’t have to be excited about losing my job to experience joy in the loss.  I don’t have to be thrilled about losing my home to know joy.  I am just instructed to “count it all joy.”

The truth is “joy” derives from the same Greek word that gives us the word “grace.” And herein is the reason we can count it all joy…trials have a built-in infrastructure of divine grace.  He will not keep adversity from our lives, but He will keep all His promises in the process! The truth is, we can count it all joy in our trials because that is EXACTLY what God provides – joyful grace and graceful joy.

Daily Reading: Daniel 3-4

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