September 14 – Misconception in Confession

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Misconception in Confession

“For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”                     –The Apostle Paul

An elderly priest was training his young protégé in the ministry. The young priest sat in confession day in and day out for several weeks under the watchful eye of his mentor.  At the end of the week the younger priest wanted to know how he was doing with the parishioners. The more experienced priest said, “The one thing you may want to work at is your response when the people confess their sins.  Most people do not want to hear you say, ‘Wow!’”

We should not be shocked when people sin.  All of us have fallen short of the glory of God. We may be surprised when certain people commit certain acts, but we should never be surprised when people sin.

Although we should strive to live exemplary and upstanding lives, it is certain we have all missed the mark when it comes to the righteousness of God; no one is perfect and we shouldn’t be surprised when we discover that in other people. Instead of concentrating on the sins of others we should concentrate more on our own lives and seek to improve in those areas that need work. Someone gave me good advice several years ago when they said, “There are only two things you need to know in life to be successful: one, there is a God; and two, you are not Him.” To that I say, “Wow!”

Daily Reading: Ezekiel 32-33

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