September 13 – Decrease to Increase

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Decrease to Increase

“Achievement to most people is something you do…to the high achiever, it is something you are.” –Doug Firebraugh

Most people consider success to be upward.  For instance, no one ever tries to climb “down” the corporate ladder.  Whenever someone is advancing in a business or industry, we say he or she is moving up.  The proverbial penthouse is almost always on the top floor.  We aim high as we set our eyes, dreams, and goals in the sky; but what does the Bible have to say about success?  Is it really upward?

John the Baptist had a somewhat different mentality of success; his concept of accomplishment and achievement would not parallel contemporary strategies or plans.  He considered himself unworthy to even bow down and unloose the sandals of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The essence of his ministry can be summed up in a few short words, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

The spirit of his life and ministry was characterized by humility.  John did not position himself for greatness; instead he assumed the position of a lowly servant and saluted Christ as the ultimate aim of life.  John understood a profound truth that many people miss in this generation  success is ultimately measured in our willingness to serve.  John voluntarily decreased and as a result Jesus said that no other prophet born of woman was greater than John.  True success is found in what Christ thinks of you, not what you think of yourself.

Daily Reading: Ezekiel 29-31

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