September 11 – We’ve Got to Say Something

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We’ve Got to Say Something

“Your voice with God’s verse brings a sinner victory.”                          –Kenneth Kuykendall

An elderly couple went to a local fair where a man was giving airplane rides for $50 a person.  The couple had always wanted to ride an airplane but didn’t want to pay that much.  They negotiated with the pilot for a few moments until the pilot proposed a deal.  He said, “I tell you what I will do, you pay me the $100 up front and if you don’t say a word during the trip I will give you your money back after it is over.”  They agreed.

They boarded the plane and it took off.  The pilot did all kinds of acrobatic flips and turns going backwards, upside down, and in reverse.  After the trip was over they landed and the pilot was amazed.  He said to the man, “Well, here’s your money back, you didn’t say a word.”  The elderly man replied, “Yeah, well I almost did when my wife fell out.”

There are certain times when we need to remain silent; but there are times when we desperately need to speak up.  We are living in a time when believers are being scrutinized for their stand on the Word of God.  We cannot allow popular opinion, cultural trends, or secular thought to keep us silent.  Now more than ever we must lift our voice as a trumpet and proclaim the truth of God’s Word people’s lives depend on it.

Daily Reading: Ezekiel 24-26

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