September 8 – Earthly Junk-Yards

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Earthly Junk Yards


“Material wealth is either a window through which we see God, or a mirror in which we see ourselves.” –Warren Wiersbe

There are a variety of television shows these days that document the lives of hoarders.  Not long ago I was watching a program that featured “Hobo Jack.”  Hobo Jack had accumulated not only a house full of miscellaneous items but three barns, a basement, and an entire lawn full of “golden rust.”

To Jack, these “possessions” represented his entire life he wouldn’t and couldn’t hardly bare to part from the smallest screw in his vast collection.  Hobo Jack had spent his life gathering, collecting, and acquiring an empire of stuff that he will one day leave behind.

You may not be a “hoarder” on the level of Hobo Jack, but do you place too much emphasis on earthly things?  Paul said we should “set our affection on things above, not on things below.”  In the attempt to accumulate worldly possessions do we miss out on heavenly treasures?

The only thing we can take with us when we die is the testimony of a life that was dedicated to the cause of Christ.  Whether we realize it or not, we too may have a “junk-yard” full of earthly desires, ambitions, and dreams.  Live for the eternal and set your treasures in heaven there they will never rust!

Daily Reading: Ezekiel 17-19

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