August 16- The Reason of Praise: FOR

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The Reason of Praise FOR

“Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.” –Psalm 150:2

In Psalm 150, there are four prepositions used (in, for, with, and upon) to accentuate the importance of praise in the life of a believer.  Yesterday, we looked at the “region of praise” from the first verse, “Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament his power.” The next preposition to consider is “for.”  The text says, “Praise him for his mighty acts, praise him according to his excellent greatness” (Psalm 150:2).

The preposition “for” intimates there is a reason for praise.  We are to praise Him “in accordance to” or “because of.”  In essence, there are many reasons to lift up your voice in the sanctuary and in the firmament of His power.  The psalmist is declaring that he has just cause to worship the Lord.  You could say it like this: in the region of praise (v1) there is a reason to praise (v2).

What are the reasons? He said, “for His mighty acts” and “His excellent greatness.”  The first declares the actions of God, the second declares the attributes of God.  We are to praise Him for what He has done, and, equally, for who He is. What He does is in direct proportion to Who He is. When the psalmist began praising the Lord, he was overwhelmed not only by the gifts of God but God Himself.  He had good reason to worship the Lord; and friend, so do we!

Daily Reading: Jeremiah 6-8
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