July 28 – Assuming the Wrong Role

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“We must not suppose that the measure of our understanding or experience is the measure of the Spirit’s working.” –John Murray

The Lord has given various responsibilities to the church; but assuming the role of the Holy Spirit is not one of them. Much of Christianity’s frustration stems from our desire to do the work of God that only God can do. Be certain, there are some things God has placed upon our shoulders and He will hold us accountable on how we did those things. However, it becomes problematic when we endeavor to do divine things that can only be manifested through the work of the Holy Spirit.

This is often played out in soul-winning. God has instructed the church to go into the world, preach the Gospel, and make disciples. However, the act of regeneration is a responsibility we do not possess. Only God, through the convicting power of the Holy Spirit can bring about true regeneration.

This is also seen in areas of sanctification. We try to bring people to a certain “level” of spirituality through our regulations, protocols, and practices.  Expectations may be met for a space of time, but if the Holy Spirit is not bringing them along to that conviction, it will be short-lived.

God breathes and man lives. It is not man’s responsibility to give life; it is his responsibility to obey once the live is given.

Daily Reading: Isaiah 14-16

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