July 23 – The Door of Provision

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The Door of Provision

“Fear and faith oftentimes present themselves at the same door in our lives.” –Kenneth Kuykendall

    Billy Graham told a true story about a pastor friend who ministered in Scotland. One of his parishioners fell on financial hard times and was soon to be removed from her rental home. The pastor took up a collection from his congregation and went to present the gift to the lady.  He knocked on the door for several minutes but no one came.  After persistent knocking, he decided to come back the next day.

Day after day, the pastor came to the lady’s home, only to knock persistently with no response on the other side of the door. When Sunday came around, the lady came to church.  The pastor told her that he had knocked on her door every day of the previous week and that he had a gift for her that would settle her finances for several months. When the lady heard the news, she told the pastor she thought he was the landlord, and was afraid to open the door in fear of being removed from the property.

Fear and faith oftentimes present themselves at the same door in our lives. What appears as an obstacle can really be an opportunity! Like this lady, we are often paralyzed by the unknown, we expect the worse, and in doing so, miss out on the provisions of God. Today, He is at the door knocking, open it up to the blessings of another world.

Daily Reading: Song of Solomon 5-8

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