July 21 – A Holy Love

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A Holy Love

“Sanctification is growing in holy love; love is growing in holiness.”     –Sinclair Ferguson

In the Old Testament, God gave Israel the law to reveal His holy and righteous nature. It was certain, no one could keep the law in all its points…no one but Jesus Christ. The Lord came to fulfill the law of God; this was part of His divine assignment. And in fulfilling the law of God He said you could hang the entire law on the acts of loving God and loving others.

If you study the law in totality, you will find the first part deals with our relationship with God, the second part our relationship with man. Love, then, is the fulfillment of the law. The only individual who could have loved with a perfect love is Jesus Christ because He is the only individual Who kept the law in all points.

There is a connection here I want to point out.  If the law was given to reveal the holiness of God, and only Jesus Christ could keep the law in perfect love, then there must be a divine assembly, a mutual consistency with holiness and love.

We are never more holy, never more like Christ than when we love God and love others. In the law, God says, “Be like me, be holy.” In the fulfillment of the law, Christ says, “Be like Me, and love God and others.” Holiness, therefore, is most compelling and divine when exhibited with a love like Jesus Christ.

Daily Reading: Ecclesiastes 9-12

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