July 18 – Just a Thought

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“Turn your mind into a sanctuary and designate your thoughts as songs of praise.” –Kenneth Kuykendall

If the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, then the heart is the inner sanctuary where the glorious presence of God abides.  The mind, then, gives access to the child of God to comprehend the realities of His abiding presence.  It is through the gateway of the mind that we consecrate ourselves in meditation, thought, and sacred prayer.

The mind, when left undisciplined, will take a man to the lowest and vilest of worldly gutters. It will pollute the actions of the noble fellow, it will spoil the song of the most joyous of men. As it did with the young son, the mind can bring delusion about the far country and drive you to the entertainment of harlots and charlatans. But when the mind is brought into hallowed submission, it leads a man to the highlands of holiness, the boundaries of blessedness, the summit of sanctification.

Do you allow your mind to wonder freely into a world unsuited for a King’s son? Is your mind brought into subjection by the Holy Spirit? What do you think about when you have time to think? When you discover the answer to these questions, you will simultaneously discover the condition of your heart.  Turn your mind into a sanctuary and designate your thoughts as songs of praise.

Daily Reading: Proverbs 29-31

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