July 10 – God Hears the Whispers

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“May it be the real I who speaks; and may it be the real Thou that I speak to.”  –C.S. Lewis

Highly exalted, gloriously holy, lifted to the most sovereign and supreme position conceivable to man is our great God and King. He is Ruler of creation, Lord of every nation, and Originator of redemption. Who dares enter His presence? Who among fallen men could ever capture His attention? And yet He sees us as the apple of His eye, His beloved in Christ. With such love, He desires to know us and hear us.

Why, even the faintest whispers of His children are recognized and heard in totality.  Ezekiel Hopkins said, “If you but whisper your prayer, God will hear it. What is whispered on earth rings and echoes in the courts of heaven! Your voice that cannot be heard beyond your closet fills all heaven with sound. Just think, God is present in the room with you.”

Imagine such a thing: God hears the whispers. Among the billions that walk this planet, and the millions that fill your state, and the thousands that live in your town, and the hundreds that occupy your neighborhood, God sees and hears you.  He not only sees and hears you, He hears your softest and quietest whispers. Those unheard murmurs in the secret chambers of your solitude are as booming and echoing shouts in the courts of glory. All praise to the God Who hears our whispers!

Daily Reading: Proverbs 4-7

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