July 9 – The Horror of One Sin

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“We never see sin aright until we see it first as against God.”                       –W.S. Plummer

Puritan writer, Thomas Brooks had this to say about the effect of one sin, “One flaw spoils the diamond; one treason makes a traitor; one turn sends a man out of the way; one leak sinks a ship; one wound strikes Goliath dead; and one Delilah betrays Samson. So many men, by favoring one sin, lose God, heaven, and their souls forever.”

We have become grossly tolerant, in our society, with the presence of sin. We embrace it, practice it, indulge it, accept it, rationalize it, and even promote it. We did not get here overnight, but have gradually and progressively accepted the presence of sin in our culture. Though it starts with one sin, I assure you beloved, it doesn’t stop with one sin.  Adam and Eve committed one sin, but from that cursed taste of self-indulgence a plethora of sins spread across the table bringing ruin, destruction, and separation from God.

In one sin, man may gain a moment of pleasure, a swift thought of ecstasy, a fleeting rush of satisfaction; but what he loses is infinitely worse. Many souls today sit in the dungeon of despair, not realizing their one sin was the chain to such a dreaded place. Rid sin from your life, no matter how harmless it may seem. Its effects are far-reaching.

Daily Reading: Proverbs 1-3

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