July 8 – Revival Realities

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“Revival is not just evangelism, excitement, or emotionalism. It is the extraordinary movement of the Holy Spirit.” –Del Fehsenfeld, Jr.

I am a supporter of revival, an advocate for any type of campaign that preaches the Word and stirs God’s people to faith and repentance.  I will go a little further and say I am not in favor of cold, dead religion.  The Holy Spirit of God quickens the souls of men and breathes life into the church, empowering them for the work of the ministry. I will say, however, that we must be careful in our “big meetings” as to not give the wrong idea about true spirituality to this generation.

There is a great disservice coming from our campaigns if we reduce Christianity only to the hypes and hoopla’s of our shouts. My life has benefited greatly from revivals, jubilees, conferences, and “big meetings.”  But my continual, ongoing, everyday nourishment comes from the ministry of my local church.  Rarely in the New Testament do you see great campaigns taking place where quick-talking evangelists stir the crowd into a spiritual frenzy.  Instead you see believers systematically being fed, nurtured, taught, cared for, and even disciplined in a local assembly.

I am not saying we should cancel our revivals and jubilees, but we must realize that most of our spiritual development comes from the systematic, consistent heartbeat of the church.

Daily Reading: Psalms 145-150

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