July 7 – Be the Church

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“The American Church is a difficult place to fit in if you want to live out New Testament Christianity.”  –Bill Hull

One of the great misconceptions of modern-day Christianity is the idea that church is simply something we do on the weekends. “Let’s go to church” is the mantra of parishioners from week to week. And though this is an admirable endeavor – one in which we are commanded to do – it can also be a spiritual fallacy concerning the reality of the church of Jesus Christ. We must move beyond the notion of simply “going to church” and embrace the truth that we are the church.

As His Bride, His Body, His Building, we are claiming an identity, not a task.  Now within that identity, there are obligations and requirements that we must own. Be certain, if you are His Body, you have a divinely designed function that has been assigned to your placement in the church.  But we misconstrue the concept of church when it is something only that we do.

It is only when the church stops “going to church” on occasion and starts “being the church” in real time and space that we will make a difference in the world. Therefore, if you are the church today – and you are – then have church wherever you are!

Daily Reading: Psalms 139-144

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