July 1 – Religion Interrupted

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“Sadly, many Christians, while in the arms of God, are relationally distant from Him.” –Bill Hull

After the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ, the Lord entered the temple and found the money changers engaging in commerce.  In radical fashion, Jesus overthrew their tables and began rebuking them for turning the house of God into a “den of thieves.”

If you were an onlooker in that moment, you would have been captivated by the divine disruption in the holy place. You see, the temple was designated as a house of prayer, sacrifice, and worship. But the religious zealots in that day were more interested in greed than they were God.  Jesus, in a solitary moment, interrupted their status quo religion and caused them to evaluate their covenantal and ceremonial motives.  He always does.

Jesus is not interested in our traditional, man-made, religious shenanigans.  Too often we use our religion as a cloak for compromise, greed, commerce, and prideful pursuits. We set up our tables and invite the casual bystander to view our religious trinkets. Such a spectacle is robbery in the eyes of God: thievery in theology.

And so, He enters. He is not compelled by tradition – He’s compelled by truth. He turns over the tables so that men can better see a throne. He always brings us to the place where God sits, even if it means disrupting things along the way.

Daily Reading: Psalms 106-108

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