June 26 – Revenge, Part 2

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Revenge, Part 2

“Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing, but contrariwise, blessing, knowing that ye are thereunto called …” –1 Peter 3:9

In his book, Keeping the Heart, Puritan writer John Flavel comments on revenge, “It was an argument urged by the Christians to prove their religion to be supernatural and pure – that it forbids revenge, which is so agreeable to nature. Awe your heart, then, with authority of God in Scriptures; and when carnal reason says, ‘My enemy deserves to be hated!’ let conscience reply, ‘But does God deserve to be disobeyed?’”

Your enemy may very well deserve the animosity you could easily unleash against him; but the greater issue at hand is our own relationship with God. “Does God deserve to be disobeyed?”  This is the question. It’s not whether someone deserves your wrath, your revenge, your righteous indignation (they probably do); it’s whether you will follow the example of Christ and love those who hate you.
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