June 23 – Faith in the Father

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“God loves with a great love the man whose heart is bursting with a passion for the impossible.” –William Booth

We as believers are able to act upon our faith based upon the character of our Heavenly Father. We believe what He tells us because we know certain things about Who He is.  Consider the following example:

A father tells his son that he is going to give him a bicycle for his birthday. He describes to his son, in grand detail, the color, design, and manufacturer of the bike. The young boy is ecstatic! He is so ecstatic that he goes out to tell his friends about the future gift.  Though he has not received it, he has faith it will be in his possession based upon what he knows about his father.

The young boy goes into the neighborhood and tells his friends about the bicycle he will soon receive for his birthday. He finds that one of his friends questions the gift, saying, “I do not see the bike, and until I see it, I will not believe it to be true.” To which the son replies, “Just wait until my birthday, and when you see my bike you will wish you had a father like mine!”

This young boy’s faith was not rooted in the bike manufacturer, it was rooted in the character and nature of his father.  Beloved, I submit to you the same: What we know about our Heavenly Father should give us faith to believe every promise He has made as true!

Daily Reading: Psalms 68-71

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