June 15 – Corralling Goats

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“The greatest hermeneutic of the Gospel is the community that seeks to live by it.” –Lesslie Newbigin

The church at large likes nothing less than to be different in these last days. We’ve sacrificed our influence on the altar of relevance thus killing our power. We have been commissioned to reach, not replicate, the world around us. But replication, not transformation, is the religious model these days.

I am fearful of a dreaded truth: We are corralling goats into the sheepfold in the name of success and growth. We have invested much entertainment, time, money, energy, and resources to appeal to the unsaved, unregenerate cravings.  “Give them what they want” is the clarion call to the Gospel minister. But do we not realize that “what they want” has its roots in the soil of depravity. The church may very well give the world what it wants but in doing so it misses the opportunity to give the world what it needs.  And so, we have replication, not transformation. We have paid professionals, not God-called ministers. We have those who’ve prostituted the mission of the church for some gross byproduct of religious achievement.

A goat can be corralled, caressed even, by the shepherds of the church, but it is a goat still. God has not called the church to be pleasers of the world but preachers of the Word. Proclaim it, and watch God change the world around us!

Daily Reading: Psalms 25-30

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